Elder Jimmy M. Butler
 1976 - 1988

Superintendent Jimmy M. Butler, the third child of eight children was born to Elijah and Mary Butler on May 5, 1949.


Superintendent Jimmy M. Butler was called into the Ministry field at the age of eleven years old.  “The day you hear the voice of the lord, harden not your heart.”  


Superintendent Jimmy M. Butler preached his first Sermon on September 16, 1960 at God’s Latter Day Refuge Church at 5806 Hirsch Road in Houston , Texas .  In 1967, he joined Law Memorial Church Of God In Christ where he was ordained by Bishop Law.  Bishop Law and Mother Law played a great role in teaching and guiding him in the Ministry field.
Superintendent Jimmy M. Butler was drafted into the United States Army while attending Texas Southern University on September 3, 1969.  There he continued to touch the lives of many people, preaching the gospel as God lead him. On September 1, 1972 he was released with an Honorable Discharge.


Superintendent Jimmy M. Butler met and married Miss Delois Bell in El Paso , Texas , a holy-ghost filled church worker on July 25, 1971. To this union was born four children, Jermaine, Jimmy, Jeremy and Tanisha.

Superintendent Jimmy M. Butler pastured his first church in 1973, Holy Trinity Church Of God In Christ, located at 5806 Hirsch Road in Houston
Superintendent Jimmy M. Butler was Founder and Pastor of two Churches: Love Fellowship Church Of God in Christ at 5707 Parker Road in Houston and New Light Progressive Church Of God In Christ in Brazoria , Texas
Superintendent Jimmy M. Butler held various offices in the Church Of God in Christ:  District Superintendent - Bay City District; Chief Adjutant COGIC Texas South Central, Marshall COGIC International and a National Evangelist.


Superintendent Jimmy M. Butler went to sleep on Wednesday, June 1, 1988 at 1:00 P.M. and is dearly miss.