Letter of Love

The Power of a Thank You

In all that we do, do it with an attitude of gratitude.  We ought to give thanks to God and give thanks with a grateful heart.  Attitude is key to having a grateful heart, it is everything!  Thanks is to express gratitude, appreciation, or acknowledgment to.

Many people focus on negative situations and forget about the blessings around them. In fact, gratitude to loved ones may be pushed to the side because of the demands of everyday life. However, gratitude boosts your happiness and well-being because it makes you focus on the positive people and situations in your life.

Gratitude seems to be sadly lacking in our society. Too often it's not just the children who are missing an attitude of gratitude. Sometimes adults get caught up in the fast pace of everyday life and forget to use even the simplest expressions of gratitude.  Say "Thank You"!

Thanksgiving is just giving thanks ....

If God has been good to you, I want you to say "thank you"!  If the answers to the next questions are yes, just answer "thank you"

Did you wake up today?
Do you have food to eat?
Do you have health in your body?
Do you have at least one hand?
Do you have at least one foot?
Do you have blood in your body?
Do you have ears to hear?
Do you have eyes to see?
Do you have a feet to walk?
Do you have a voice to talk?
Do you have hair on your head?
Do you have a head on your body?
Can you lift your hand?
Can you sing and dance?
Can you read this post?

NOW ...... Why do YOU thank Him?